Dorsa Vaziri and WOW Rolling
A native of Orlando, Florida Dorsa Veziri is the expert in roller skates - how to build, maintain, and simply where to go for cool hangs. She has been a pioneer in the skate world since the COVID-19 pandemic struck the world, and her knowledge in skates brought many to her so they could be outside at a time where inside was a no go.
"I aimed to create a space for all things eight wheels and community by hosting meet ups, providing skate care/maintenance services and building/mounting skates! Whether you like to stack miles on a trail, dance and flow at the rink, or shred it up at the skatepark, I'm here to help with your skate journey. "
-Dorsa Vaziri (via
With free consultation, WOW Rolling offers Custom Roller Skate Creation (CRSC). The website states "we want to provide our skaters with the ability to fully express themselves, from head to toe stop. Our services are done by hand, by skaters in Orlando, Florida, with your safety and style at the top of our priority (via" And expression is something every skater wishes to have. Dorsa was kind enough to show me 2 pairs that she likes to wear, the classic yellow and the custom Vans skates that has wheels that glow in the dark and light up (at the same time😵). To sum it up, a skate fashionista. 

No doubt that WOW Rolling is the property of Dorsa, it is also apparent that a lot of it is team work and collaboration from her, to other partners in the Orlando community, to her social media presence that gets the word out. If you want to skate you follow @wowrolling on instagram, she'll tell you where to be... what was that old 1990's saying, "be there or be square, because you are not rolling around." 
Q & A w/ Dorsa Vaziri 
Who are you and where are you from? 
-- I am an Orlando native with a huge love for this city, and my parents and family are from Iran. I consider myself a generalist and love piling on tons of hobbies, jobs and experiences in the short time we have on this planet. I've worked in almost every industry and I am currently in school for my bachelor's degree in business administration. You can find me pouring beers and making jokes behind the bar at Whippoorwill Beerhouse in the Milk District, my neighborhood!

Your greatest triumph in regard to WOW?
--My greatest triumph with WOW Rolling is the friendships and memories I've made. I never thought I would be in this position, and I feel so grateful to be here, doing what I love while also helping others and making friends along the way. I feel victorious in my efforts with WOW Rolling because of the messages people have sent me over the years, saying things like "this inspired me to put on my skates!" or "wow I never thought that was possible!" The amount of love this community shares is incredible and I feel lucky to just be a part of it. 

What does WOW mean and how did it start? 
--WOW Rolling represents wonder on wheels (hence the WOW!) because of the joy that skating has brought back into my life. My skate journey started at the rink as a kid, with my mom working on her laptop in the food court while I did my twirls on the rink floor. My skate page started in 2018/2019 as a place for me to show off my other friends who love wheels (like motorcycles, bicycles, and skateboarding) combined with my passion around roller skating. I love taking my eight wheels all over town and sharing my experiences and progress with my friends near and far. 

What is your current mission?
--My current mission with WOW Rolling is to expand on my passions around roller skating and continue showcasing this amazing sport to make it accessible here in town. I hope to achieve this mission with my own skate shop to provide skate gear to our growing community and knowledge with new skaters in town. I'm opening my schedule for lessons and meet ups to help skaters connect and find their crew to continue practicing with like-minded friends. 

What services /products do you offer?
--WOW Rolling is a custom skate shop, maintenance services, retail hub for all things skating and wheels. I offer products made by skaters and local artists, like skate leashes, toe cap covers, and skate accessories while also creating products under the WOW brand like custom roller skates and custom skate rails. I love showcasing my talented friends and creating a space to show them off and help connect people. 

Do you advertise this?
--Yes! You can find out all about my skate pop ups around town, the products I'm psyched about and the custom skates I'm building on my Instagram (@wowrolling) or you can visit my website for information

Do you give back to your community or help the community in any way?
--When I first started posting about my skate journey, I had a lot of friends and new skaters reaching out to me wondering how to get started, so I created a handy guide for Central FL skaters! This guide (link) is filled with my personal experiences with different products and places, I share different skate spots and places to shop for skate related gear. 
I also spent time last year doing Donate to Skate lessons, where skaters could donate any amount of money towards the organization New Image Youth Center that I chose to feature in exchange for an hour lesson on quad skating! It was so rewarding to not only share my love for skating, my love for teaching but also my love for fundraising and local causes to better our city and benefit the people.  

How do people contact you?
--I'm on Instagram, TikTok and Youtube as WOW Rolling. My DMs are always open for any skating related questions and for custom skate inquiries or more official contact, my email is My website is wowrolling.comwith updates coming soon!

Anything else you'd like to add?
No matter what wheels you ride, skating is for everyone! All wheels welcome 💖
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